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Virginia is focused on helping Polynesian Designers offer a platform that will exposed their designs to a wider platform worldwide. A platform where Polynesians can show off thier aesthetic, bold and unique creativity. Where designers are DARE to live outside of their norm and comfort zones. DARE to be UNIQUE, be BRAVE, be Authentic be YOU!


The quality of a luxury apparel company relies more than any other industries on the partnership between the executive director and the artistic director. While data-based assessments and profiling are helpful, intuition often plays an important role. It's about understanding people.

There are special places for cultural designers in our world. Their talent and vision play an important role in how people look and contribute to the broader context of society. We love to study fashion trends, designs, art materials and to play an active part in all aspects of layout production. We WILL contribute to the production of millions or even billions of clothes, and accessories purchased by consumers on a yearly basis.


The solidarity of our Pacific cultures demonstrates the significance of cultural continuity in the sharing of culture, as well as tradition and storytelling and re-education of the society regarding family values in our activism against family and domestic abuse, which is one of the silent killings of real growth in our people. Economic equality is feasible and realistic with a collaboration between the prosperous families and societies.

In addition to the community involvement, technical advances have allowed the forum to draw foreign participation from numerous Pacific Islands, putting together the common cause in AustralIA, Polynesia and Melanesia to empower indigenous peoples of the Pacific.

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